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Get the market trend

Once you know the major market trend. The majority of the money making battle is over, Because 85% of the stocks move in the direction in which the market is trend.

Identify strong sectors

Find sectors leadership, then screen for individual stocks in that sector. The high the strength rank the stronger the stock. A stock with a strength rank of 98 means that is is currently stronger than 98% of all the stock.

Find Strong Stocks

Find strong stocks

Identify which stocks will become tomorrow's biggest winners. Using our proprietary system, check every stock with just a few clicks. Find low-priced stocks or blue-chips. Check entire industries and sectors. Get clear and powerful BUY, SELL or HOLD signals.

Know exactly when to buy and sell

In a matter of seconds, scour the entire market for high Ranking stocks in the strongest sectors. This system doesn’t require that you have some sixth-sense for the markets or an investment mind like Warren Buffet. In fact, even brand new traders are using it to close in quickly on their retirement.

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Easy-to-use stock analysis

No Guessing - No Hunches - No Missed Trades EVER!
Statistically increase your edge on every trade.

Actionable charts

Buy, Hold and Sell Signals

Clear BUY, HOLD and SELL signals on over 15,000 stocks and EFT's

Market direction signals

Buy, Hold and Sell Signals

Be on the right side of Market Trends
see major market reversals clearly

Daily new buy list

Buy, Hold and Sell Signals

Daily automated scan
do not miss the next big thing

Powerful pre built scans

Buy, Hold and Sell Signals

10 top strategy scans
let the system to work for you

Additional Features

Whether you are still recovering from the last market crash or a streak of bad luck with your own stock picks, or if you are just looking to build a better retirement in a less stressful way, Traders Pro can help.


Create your own portfolio

Fine tune your portfolio management by setting up a mock portfolio.

Fundamental Scan

Robust fundamental scans

Key trending fundamental scans to find top quality, growing businesses.


Back-test to find the best

Back-test a list of stocks to find the absolute cream of the crop.


7 Powerful ETF scans

Prebuilt scans for top ETF’s. Spot new market trends early.

Watch List Alerts

BUY/SELL Ratio on every industry and sector

Find Industries and Sectors that are leaders, with compelling Top Leading Stocks.

Watch List Alerts

Alert on your favourite stocks

Get BUY, HOLD or SELL signal alerts delivered directly to your email inbox.